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We make amazing experiences for you in this beautiful East African country, Uganda. We take it beyond the borders to find you more fulfilling experiences in the East African neighbourhoods, creating Africa safari packages from Uganda through the beautiful tiny country Rwanda, magical Kenya and Tanzania for the most viewed attraction, the annual wildebeest migration. Chillax in Zanzibar's white sand beach vacation spots or hang out with the amazing cultural people of Uganda.

Tours & Safari packages the suite your style

These Uganda safaris packages you find here are the most requested for itineraries by the many travellers we have served. We can help you design a package that suites your style. Contact our experts today.

11 Days Classic Africa Safari In Uganda

11 Days Classic Africa Safari In Uganda

Take in the very best of what Uganda has to offer from Gorillas in Bwindi, to the tree climbing Lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park.


5 Day Gorilla Safari Uganda Luxury Holiday

5 Day Gorilla Safari Uganda Luxury Holiday

Fly to Bwindi and stay in luxury lodges and spend time in the jungle with the might mountain gorillas at your own pace.


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Kibale Forest National Park

With an approximate chimpanzee population of about 1500 chimps, a little above 30% of the total Uganda chimp population, Kibale Forest National Park is the top chimpanzee trekking destination in the region. A great alternative to Gorilla Trekking is chimp Habituation Experience in Kibale.


chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest National Park

gorilla trekking in bwindi impenetrable forest

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Protecting more than half of the last remain 1000 gorillas in the world, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is one of the richest rain forest in world with close to 2000 species of mammals, birds, reptile, trees, flowers and butterflies. Of course the biggest attraction here is the gentle giant mountain gorilla.